Weekend Round-Up

Monday, April 18, 2016


This weekend was lovely. So good. Much happy.
Saturday I wrote three pages of a paper I have been putting off for too long. That night the BPs were reunited. A good ol fashioned Mol, Mads, Ry and Kath event. We went to dindin where they cooked in front of us and everyone else was there in prom dresses. The chef asked what we were celebrating and I said never having to go to prom again. Ha.
Then we got drinks on the second floor of Henry's, the coolest place I've ever been. It is officially my favorite and my spirit location. We ended the night at Brothers-well, we officially ended at Fuzzy's, where I made everyone wait for me to get one taco.
It was beyond worth it.
Then Sunday morning Skyler came down (he actually woke up early for me...such love). I was supposed to work but ended up not having to, so we went to the rec and I stunned everyone in the building with how amazingly good I am at basketball. I try to tone down the skill level for him, but a girl can only do so much.
People always ask what we do when we've spent the weekend together, and a lot of the time I don't have anything monumental to share. We see movies. We go to dinner. We play basketball. We watch Netflix. We run errands. We eat cereal. We watch funny Facebook videos. And sometimes I feel bad for not having more to say, but the truth is I just enjoy doing life with him. Doing dumb and silly stuff that seems average is fine by me because he makes it that much better. We do the same things other couples do, we just have to drive three hours to do it.
Right now, I'm happy. I don't have life all figured out-in fact, it's way more un-figured than ever. But for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say I am enjoying where I am and that is 100% because of Skyler. I have gotten so much out of this semester because no day is wasted. Every day is a day with him, even when we're apart. So often in my life I feel like I am either looking back or just waiting to go forward. 
He makes it easy to just be here, now.

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