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Seeing Stars

This dress is a show stopper. People can't help but look when you walk by, or, for instance, when you go into the hardware store for fishing line.
As if the fluttery sleeves and deep v neck aren't enough, the low back makes things elegant and dramatic.
And I have to say, its pretty perfect for Halloween weekend.
Stop by Fringe and Folk in Hello Sailor the next time West Bottoms has an open weekend! You won't be disappointed by the warehouses of antiques and vintage and contemporary fashion the whole lot has to offer.
For real one of my favorite places.

I could go off on a personal tangent about this past week and how my heart and mind have been tested to the extreme. But right now, I'm sitting in Lauren's bed in California, and for the first time all week I can't feel my heart hurting. And I just put my make-up on so I am def not crying (until later tonight probs).
I am taking this time to be distracted and happy with my best friend on the weekend of my fav holiday in an awesome state.
Also I get to meet Lauren's boyfriend tonight so I need to start making a list of the things I'm going to grill him about.
Heads up, Nicholas.

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