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Sunday, February 26, 2017


I tend to let routine rock me into a lull of complacency.

And while that can be comfortable and allow for a minimal amount of effort in the day-to-day, it does nothing in the way of creation. I have produced some of my most emotionally charged, purposefully written work during times of tumultuous, fearful change. At the very least, my writing improves when I am submersed-picking up another book as soon as I finish one, writing every day, finding new muses, soaking up inspiration.

Sometimes I feel so primed with good intent that I can't pick up the pen. All those authors and creators stacked inside my brain, patiently, armed with new phrases and techniques that will seep through my fingers. I would much rather be too afraid of spilling even a drop of the inspiration than to have none at all.
It doesn't always come from writers, even though writing is the outlet I work with most often. I can get jazzed into flying my little fingers across the keyboard by people who are doing what they love and doing it well.

And so, I present to you, cool people I would dedicate all my time being obsessed with if I let myself:

1. Savannah Brown
I think I'm behind the trend on this one? I don't care. Not only could I stare at her perfect face forever, I really love her raw honesty and multi-faceted talent. She writes all sorts of things, performs her poems, gives advice, has crazy cool style, and is consistently creating and producing work.
She is goals.
Here is one of my favorite poems of hers.


And here is her being cool and relatable.


2. Bertie Gilbert
This was a no brainer because he's dating Sav, lol. If his wickedly styled hair and glasses aren't enough to convince you that he has got some real creative juices up his sleeve, take a gander at this most recent short film of his. Actually, don't stop here. Just keep going. All the films.


This one is just adorable.

3. Ariel Bissett
You guys, please may the great and powerful universe somehow grant me friendship with Ariel. She is a book boss and I need to be her. 

Can you see the theme here? Clearly not into YouTube or people living in London at all...

4. Darling Magazine
Their website is fab. I actually have to restrain myself from going on because I will just get sucked in and have to climb my way out of a beautiful, classy hole. I've seen the actual magazine but never actually subscribed...thinking I may have to treat myself once I have a more permanent address.

5. Delicate, Edible Birds by Lauren Groff
Lauren Groff is my favorite current fiction writer and I hope to one day have even an iota of her masterful diction. Delicate, Edible Birds is a collection of her short stories, which makes it easy to pick up here and there without losing your place in a novel. The way she words things and constructs sentences just blows my mind. I try to suck in every bit while I'm reading, so it's enjoyable education. Thanks, Lauren.

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