birthday bash

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It was Lolo's FIRST KU GAME
Woohooo hot digity yehaww awh man
I think I was more excited than she was.  Which is okay.

These beauties of best friends..
How did I get so lucky?

I find this picture extremely amusing. 
I mean, the iPhone candle?  The strange man singing?
All of it.

Could there be a sweeter note from an awesomer person?
I think not.

A lame backseat selfie.  Cause why not, when you usually sit in the front and have to navigate.
It was like a party back there.

So there you have it.  One amazing weekend.  Lots of beautiful people that I love.
So. Much. Fun.

Now my heart is trying not to hurt because it's over.
At least I have some macarons and lots of cookies to feast on.

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