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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy recovery from turkey day/end of semester haul/finals time/Christmas songs on the radio/cyber monday.
What a week, eh?  What a couple of weeks.  As cliche and overly expressed as this is, these last three weeks of paper-writing and final taking are going to drop-kick me into stress overload.  That's just how it eeezz.
BUT I had the best break evaa!
Reasons To Support/Prove the Aforementioned Statement:
-got to see my BFFL and her crazy hysterical quirky dog-and-baby loving family
-got to hug and kiss and love that BABY aka her two month old nephew. Adored every arm-burning second of that baby bouncing
-got to see my grandparents and my mama and my family
-got to shop
-got to stalk the photos of the most beautiful, classy, perfection-down-to-every-last-detail wedding I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot of wedding pictures-hello, Pinterest).  One of my friend's brother's got married to the cutest, and you guessed it, perfect, little gal and it was the most stunning wedding.  The epically above-average good looks of every single person in attendance helped, too.  
Check it out if you don't believe me.  
Or if you want something to plan your wedding around.
Or if you just want to cry at the gorgeousness.

Now it's back to reality (OH there goes gravity)
We have a new obsession with tea.  Can you tell?
It turns out we have amassed quite a large stock, and now is the perfect time to use it all.
Am I right?
I'm right.

Well, I suppose this has been enough procrastinating for one night...  It's almost midnight and I still have a bunch of reading to do.  Sounds about right.
I figure I might as well end the semester strong with the same lack of reading that I kept up during the other months.
I mean it's only fair, right?

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-17at61918PM_zps514d654c.png

P.S. I should mention that the sound of the wind outside is so loud and annoying that I am thisclose from going all Edgar Allen Poe's "Beating Heart" on that shiz.  Seriously it is driving me out of my miiiiiiiiind.  If you never hear from me again, its because I threw myself off out our second-story window in a wind-crazed fit.

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