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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This weekend was
so much fun.
tiring in a good way.

I used to write a lot more on this blog, but somehow it's weedled down to mostly pictures and very few words, which is fine.  It mostly happens because I'm too busy to post, and when I do finally post, it's a bit after the actual thing I'm posting has happened.
But this weekend deserves some words because my goodness, did it generate a lot of smiles.
This weekend was happiness.
There were a lot of firsts for me: first train ride, first time to St. Louis, first time to Chris's house (and life) and meeting his sisters and grandma and friends.  First time to a Blue's game and (maybe but hopefully not) first time sitting on the glass.

We're talking 100%, inside and out, totally and completely 

So yay for St. Louis, which is a beautiful place and has some of the most amazing houses I've ever seen and been in.
Yay for Chris, who brought me home with him and somehow managed to put up with me for 24/7, five days in a row.
Yay for his sister, who hung out with us in the mist at the zoo and is super chill and fun.
Yay for his parents, who are the nicest, most generous people and who created an awesome family that is so comfortable to be around.
Woo hoo, people.
Yays all around.

One negative yay for Amtrak, who took nine hours to complete a trip that should have been 7 at the most. 
The first 7 hours I was fine.
Those last two though.

We won!

So many cat pictures and yet not enough..

Chris's house has the best screened-in porch out back, which was the perfect morning spot, especially in the rain.  We drank coffee and did the crossword on the porch swing, which in my opinion is just about the cutest thing ever.
I'm just now realizing I should have taken a picture of the actual porch instead of my chipped nail polish and doctored-up coffee.
Oh well.
Ya can't win em all.

 Also adorable: the Kirkwood train station.
Can you just picture the train arriving on Friday afternoon..
There's a light drizzle, and a chill in the air.
There's flowers in the window boxes and people waiting for their people.
We sit out front to wait for our ride, and across the street are little shops and a sign for a pumpkin patch and it couldn't get any more charming.

And now sadly, here we are.
Back again.
At least physically, anyway.
Mentally I'm still replaying this weekend over and over.

I'll letcha know when that stops.

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